Canadian governments give billions of your tax dollars to subsidize oil and gas companies.

Tell Canada to stop funding fossils.

While the federal government talks about the need for climate action, it’s handing out massive amounts of public money to an industry that dirties the air, pollutes the local environment, and destabilizes the climate. And it’s doing so without telling Canadians which companies benefit from these handouts, or by how much.

The federal government has said they will get rid of these subsidies by 2025, but the timeline is too long. Progress has been slow, and now the government is using public money to buy the risky Kinder Morgan pipeline. We need climate action fast.

The obvious first step in getting to a clean energy future is for Canadians to stop giving billions to the companies that are contributing to climate change.

These wasteful and opaque subsidies should be phased out by 2020 and put to better use by investing in other priorities like health care, education and renewable energy.


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Subject: Get rid of fossil fuel subsidies by 2020

I want Canada to take action now to end fossil fuel subsidies. Giving subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies seriously undermines your government’s carbon reduction goals and the climate actions you have committed to.

The goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change must be reached. The promise made to the Canadian people and the international community to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies must be kept. Canada must start now with a commitment to get rid of fossil fuel subsidies by 2020.

It’s time for Canada to show global climate leadership. Stop giving billions in public money to the companies that are causing climate change.

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Irving Oil refinery, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Tanker traffic would vastly increase along coastal New Brunswick as a result of the proposed Energy East Tar Sands Pipeline and  present a significant threat to the ecology and the fishing and tourist economy of this beautiful region. The Irving refinery and tanker port in St. John New Brunswick would be the site for hundreds of tankers leaving annually from the port laden with toxic tar sand bitumen diluted with natural gas condensate.

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STOP FUNDING FOSSILS is a joint initiative of leading Canadian organizations working together to stop fossil fuel handouts from Canadian governments.

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